Do you possess these three?

     I read the other day that even a poor strategy will be successful with passion, patience, and persistence. If you're like me, then this quote makes you feel good. The problem is that most people don't really buy it. Let's look at the implications of believing, and not believing, in this principle. 

     First let's look at unbelief. If you do not believe that even a poor strategy can be successful, then you tend to be the overly obsessive type. You are the type of athlete that is super analytical and anxious. It makes perfect sense. You believe that in order for something to succeed it must be perfect. Your plan and strategy cannot have any flaws, because if it does they will cause the ruin of said plan.

     There is a major fallacy with this mindset. It lies in that there are more factors at play in the success of your strategy outside of your control than factors that are in your control. No one can deny this truth, and thus no one can really guarantee with 100% certainty the success of any given strategy or plan. The numbers might be heavily tipped in your favor, but often times numbers lie don't they?

     What if you believe in the ability of passion, patience and persistence to overcome a poor strategy? You are an athlete that walks around with tremendous hope. You are not hopeful because you know your plan will absolutely be successful, but because you know that no matter what you will lean on principles under your complete control to see said plan and strategy through to success.

     All growth and learning involves obstacles that must be overcome. Having a passion that can remind you of why you are doing what you do will allow to keep you moving forward. Possessing the patience to endure those periods in your development when you are not seeing the growth you were expecting is invaluable. Leaning on persistence allows you to come back to the drawing board time after time to refine and improve your strategy and plan. Eventually your once poor strategy/plan will improve to one that will prove to be effective. Are you willing to come along for the journey?