I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night

     This blog post is just as much for me as for you, the reader. Can we agree that anything worth doing is a challenge? Along the path to achievement we will be met with obstacles and heart ache. Getting through to the other side takes tremendous resolve and fortitude.

     While on our journey we will sometimes find ourselves running. Other times we slow down to a walk. Then there are those times when we find ourselves on our knees as we have slowed to a crawl. Those of us that have the resolve to be successful will continue to crawl. It is forward progress after all and we understand that any movement made in the positive direction is good.

     Are there times when it's OK to set up a tent and camp out? This is where I struggle, because my initial answer to this question is absolutely not! Being an entrepreneur now for a whole 3 months I must say that my answer has changed. Not only do I believe that it is OK to camp from time to time, but it is necessary if we want to complete our journey.

      Most folks would argue that choosing to set up camp can spell disaster. I partially agree with that. It can if the individual does not possess self-control. When that alarm goes off and it's time to continue on our journey we must answer the bell. Choose to camp underneath the stars, not in a fancy RV with air conditioning and all the amenities of home.

      What I mean is stay hungry. Don't get complacent with how far you've come, but thirst for continuing along your journey to see how far you can go.Unfortunately you may find that some of the folks that stayed at your same campsite will make the decision to make that their permanent home. Simply give them a courteous wave and get a move on. 

     See the refreshing night's stay for what it is. You were able to rest and kick your feet up. You were able to reflect on how far you have come thus far. Sometimes in the rush of pushing forward we quickly forget how far we've come. This is dangerous because even though we may have far to go to reach our destination we still have made tremendous progress. 

     So go ahead, pitch your tent. Gaze at the stars and imagine how you'll feel once you're among them. Recharge that passion that go you to where you currently are. Don't go to bed too late though, because that alarm is set for the crack of dawn the next morning.