"Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most".


       All sports have an off season. Most athletes, myself included, like the thrill of competing and pushing our bodies to get the most of ourselves, but we also enjoy a little break before it's time to do it all over again. Off season for most is a time to get to do some things that we don't normally get to do when competitions are going full bore. This may look different for each individual athlete, but one aspect of off season is the same, we get to rest mentally and emotionally.

       Once off season is over, the question then becomes "what can I do to get off to a good start for next season?" Here is where the opening quote can be most helpful. We all have a plan and training sessions we need to be going through in order to be best prepared for the following season, but how can we sustain the intensity necessary to give our daily training our best? It's all about perspective.

        In the late fall and winter months the weather becomes our nemesis rather than our ally. The time change also makes it to where daylight becomes a precious commodity. Riders begin to wipe the dust off their trainers once they check the extended forecast or realize their work schedule for that week has them coming home late when it's already dark out. The mental battle begins.

         Most riders know what they need to do to come into the season ready to roll, but knowing and doing are two different things. I'd boil it down to this, what is it you want once the season gets going? Think about when you want to race well. In those "dark" moments when the struggle gets real, push through not because your body feels any better but because your mind goes to the future where you're fit and ready to give your best in whatever competition that you've targeted. Depending on weather and life circumstances, you may need to do this quite frequently, but rest assured there is also a lot of mental benefit to pushing through and getting work done when it would b much easier to settle for what you want now.