Look but know you can touch

  I am reading a book, for the second time, called The Champion's Mind by Dr. Jim Afremow. It is such a rich read packed with such great information that I am going back through it again to pick up anything I may have missed the first time. I feel the book also does a masterful job in communicating information to the reader without bogging you down with all the research and studies that back the content of the book.

   This morning I read a section in the book titled "Smash Idols" and I have been chewing on this part of the book ever since. The premise of this section is that you can have an athlete that you might look up to, but do not think that athlete to be untouchable. If you're reading this you might be saying to yourself, "of course that's true, I don't get star struck once the competition begins." How many of us can honestly say that this is the case however.

   Another point that was made in this section was that by making elevating competition to the status of an idol, you are showing them the utmost respect while disrespecting yourself. Think about that. You are making your competition to be more than what they are at the expense of shrinking your self-image. This can only have debilitating consequences for your performance.

   So where's the rub? Am I saying that it is wrong to ever look up to someone who has accomplished something that you are wanting to achieve? Absolutely not. What I am saying however is that if they can do it, why can't you? What is it that is holding you back from doing the same thing?

     There is a question that I have been carrying around with me for a few weeks now. Anytime I feel weak and insecure about what I am doing I ask myself; why not me, why not now? When I ask myself this, based on what I have been doing to achieve my personal goals, I cannot come up with a good reason why not me or now. Therefore I am re energized and motivated to push forward. There really are no excuses out there folks...let's continue to work out our goals!