Grit vs Comfort

     I recently read a very powerful email sent by Tom Ziglar addressing the idea of Grit vs Comfort. As I read the email it made an impact on me. Like anyone else, I need consistent reminders of certain things in life that successful people do well. Successful people embrace grit well and opt for not getting comfortable.

    We need to struggle. As many young folks say now a days "the struggle must be real". Setbacks and adversity need to be real. We must be able to feel them and have tangible experiences with them. These run-ins with difficult times don't need to be occasional either, they need to be rather consistent.

   You may be wondering how you would make progress and ever move forward if I am telling you that getting knocked back is the way to be successful. It sounds counter intuitive, but you will ultimately move forward and be successful because you got knocked back. 

     When you think of the athletes that you look up to and admire, you need to know that they have faced much adversity to get to where they are. Not long ago a picture of Stephen Curry's Max Preps stats was circulating on Twitter. Did you know that Curry was not ranked Nationally coming out of high school? He was not even ranked in his state! Stephen Curry was a 3-star recruit (out of 5) coming out of high school. This means that the experts at Max Preps considered him an average basketball player. I think we can all agree that he is now considered better than average.

     Research has show that individuals who are praised for their hard work (grit) outperform those that are praised for their talent. If seen the right way, failure and setbacks can be the best motivator for future success. Perception is reality. I do not want to get too far into discussing failure because I will be addressing it in some blog posts further down the road. 

     When you struggle, know it's a good thing. When you need to fight and train hard to earn something, know that it is only preparing you for even greater success. Choose not to get comfortable. Choose not to settle and take what is easy. Choose t be challenged. Attempt to go after things that you may or may not achieve. Learn to see wins and losses as learning opportunities.