4th of July, what can we learn?

     We all know what today signifies, the day that the United States of America was brought into existence. Our nation didn't look like it does today. Not in terms of the number of states we have, but it was the start. The start to the best civilization that has ever existed. What can this holiday teach us as athletes?

     I will make this post brief because I know many of you have plans for the day. The first lesson is to always be humble. If the British could take it all back, I am sure that one thing that they would do better is respect the colonists. As athletes we need to recognize that on any given day we can be defeated by anyone of our opponents. Beginning to analyze your opponent and how good or bad they are takes your focus away from yourself and team, which is all that you can control. 

     The second thing this day teaches us is to also watch your confidence level. Confidence is a tricky thing in that you want to have it but not too much of it. As athletes we must know that we can perform at a certain level, but we must also be careful to not get too carried away with how sure we are of ourselves.

     Bringing both of these principles together, being humble but having the right level of confidence, is the hard part. How do we do that successfully so that we can consistently perform at our highest potential? Check out my webpage www.achampionsmind.net for more ideas on how you can get to that place! 

     I hope you all have a fantastic day! Make sure to spend time with family and loved ones. Make sure that you are grateful for something today. On this day it's almost a no brainer, but I am going to choose today to be grateful for this awesome nation!