Wait...that's not fair!

You see a problem, but are you looking for a solution? 

You see a problem, but are you looking for a solution? 

     Sports can many times be cruel. Often times things happen that do not sit well with an athlete or the audience watching the competition. Nothing was seemingly done to bring on these circumstances or turn of events, but the athlete finds themselves in the position none the less. If this has not happened to you yet, keep participating in your sport and it will soon enough.

      Some would think I am being negative by staying this fact, but I would disagree. Sports is a microcosm of life. Life is often times not fair, so why would athletics be any different. As athletes we do not need to be consumed with this fact, but we must acknowledge it and be able to deal with it when it rears its ugly head.

     So how do you best deal with unfair circumstances: an unlucky bounce of the ball, or nagging injury that doesn't seem to go away? You deal with it. It is literally that simple. I could leave the blog post as complete her,e but I will tease out this solution a bit further.

      How do you best deal with unfairness? You do not focus on the fact that what happened to you is unfair or undeserved/ Would it have been better if it would no have happened in the first place? Sure. It did happen however and there is nothing you can do to change that. Admit this to yourself and we are on our way to getting through the situation. 

     Focus on the solution. How are you going to move past the current situation? What can you be doing right now to help that along? We don't have time to complain or pout. We have goals we want to accomplish and the clock is ticking. 

     I'll leave you with this quote: things turn out best for those that make the best of how things turn out. It was applied frequently by John Wooden, perhaps you've heard of him. Thanks for reading and I hope this post was of value to you in some way.