You ain't done yet!

Photo credit: Pixababy

Photo credit: Pixababy

     I want to start off this blog post with a poem that I read that was quite impactful for me. If you have been following my writings and Mayito Minutes for any amount of time now you probably know who it's from...John Wooden. 


I am not what I ought to be,

Not what I want to be,

Not what I am going to be,

But I am thankful that,

I am better than I used to be.

     This is such a short poem with such deep truths for us as athletes. It can give us hope and motivate us to keep moving forward.  In order for this poem to provide this for us however all of the lines of the poem must ring true.

     Below I outline the questions that should accompany each line of the poem to see if you can truly apply it and all of its truths.  If you cannot currently apply the entirety of the poem, don't fret. Simply be self-aware of the questions you are having trouble answering and look to come up with responses to them.

Line 1: Do you have goals? If you have goals then you have not arrived at where you feel your stopping point should be.

Line 2: Is there a bit of tension within you when thinking about your current level of performance and where you would like to be? This is a healthy tension that if kept in balance can keep you motivated and training towards your goals.

Line 3: Do you have a clear picture of who you will be as an athlete once you achieve your goals? This has to be a real, tangible picture, not just some cloudy vision. Make it clear and crisp in your mind.

Line 4: Are you genuinely thankful that you have the ability to pursue your goals and participate in your sport? It is true that you have a ways to go to get to where you want to be, but being on the journey is opportunity enough to give thanks.

Line 5: Can you be appreciative of how far you've come? Take a quick glance back and see where you came from. Are you better now? If so, celebrate it. If you can't see yourself as better than before, keep looking because I guarantee it's there.