Here goes another blog post about another one of John Wooden's blocks in his Pyramid of Success: Alertness. I believe that this block does not get nearly enough attention and is often overlooked by folks. Pay attention while we dive in...pun intended.

      If you are serious about your craft and the journey that it currently has you on, then you need to be alert. I wrote a previous blog post about Intentness, and this is important, but without Alertness you may be missing out on so much. 

     Hopefully by now we have established that anything worth achieving/acquiring will take some time. This will require patience on our part as we execute our specific plan to bring this about. So where does alertness come in if we already feel we know what we need to do in order to be successful? 

     I am glad you asked! What if the plan that we firmly believe we need to follow in order to be successful can be made even more effective? I hope that if you are reading this you can admit that you, and I, do not know everything. Are we committed to learning and growing with every opportunity that is presented to us? This is where alertness comes in. 

     We can always do better. As I have established earlier, 100% is the ceiling for our effort, but where and how we choose to invest that 100% can be improved. This is critical for us to understand. Do you take a studious approach to what you do on a daily basis? Do you value every individual that you come into contact with believing that they can help you achieve success? 

     Keep your eyes open. Keep a pen and pad handy. Humility is the a quality present in successful individuals. Always learning. Always growing.