Learn 2 Learn

     All that you can do has been learned. Well, besides some of our most basic functions which were instilled in us somehow, the method or being which instilled it in us being up for conversation. I digress as that is another topic for another day. What I want to establish first and foremost is that learning is central to us as human beings. 

     You don't learn, you don't survive. Sure, you may be able to get by, but not in the way you were intended to. Think about us as children. Kids love to learn. They thirst for it. A child's mind is always active, taking in information and processing it. Neurological imaging of a young brain looks more like a Christmas light show. There is so much activity, hence the reason why children continue to amaze us with how much they learn in such a rapid amount of time. 

     What happens to this hunger for learning as we grow older? If you trace most children through their school careers, you notice less of an eagerness (notice I didn't use willingness), to learn. It seems that as we grow older we become complacent with the knowledge we currently possess and the things we are able to do. All is well, I will just camp out here (this is a reference to another blog post I wrote: http://utmostperformance.org/blog/2016/11/21/i-did-stay-at-a-holiday-inn-last-night). 

      This bend towards chilling out on the learning front means that we must learn to learn. Learning is a skill. Those folks that we see that are committed to learning have had to train and be intentional about developing this skill/habit. There is something really neat however when one commits themselves to learning...it becomes addictive.

     Learning is something that empowers an individual in a couple of different ways. It obviously teaches you something that you already didn't know, but it goes deeper than that. Now you have the power/ability to exercise and act upon that which you have learned. This motivates us.

     When I teach my children a new thing they can do around the house they cannot wait for the next opportunity to perform that particular task. Within a short period of time they are asking me to learn to do something else, they want to learn some more! Learning provides us with a deep sense of fulfillment. 

     So how does this apply to you specifically? Regardless of what you do, learning has great benefit to you. Even if you are learning how to fix a leaky faucet but aren't a plumber, dedicating yourself to learning will pay dividends to you in your business ventures or marriage. 

     Invest in yourself. Make it a priority to learn everyday. It doesn't have to be something earth shattering, but aim to know more today than you did yesterday. All successful folks are on this journey of learning. It's part of the journey towards Mastery.